Corporate Training & Capacity Building

Technical skills are just not enough to get you on the top rung of the corporate ladder, as many hard-core technicians have found. What gets you noticed and sought-after are your people skills…your talent at communication, work ethics, emotional intelligence and leadership abilities. If you are someone who works well in a team, and are able to inspire and motivate others to do their best, then you will find that you can excel in your position and your organization. While technical skill training is always given a lot of importance, people often undervalue the importance of soft skills.

Knowing this, Fore Front brings you soft skills training that helps you to improve your problem solving, delegating, conflict management and other personal attributes that are crucial for career success. Learn through fun-filled, hands-on workshops and group exercises that will fill the gaps in your soft skills.

Some of our Soft Skills and Corporate Trainings

Building Team Trust

Advanced Leadership Skills

Fire Up Presentations

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Time Management

Stress Management

Responsibility Taking Perception

Communication Skills Mastery

Conflict Management

Project Management

Art of Selling

Negotiation Skills

Personal Effectiveness

Capacity Building of NGOs